Thursday, November 10, 2005

Data Warehousing with Microsoft SQL Server 2005

So now it begins....

I'm Scott Barrett, and through time, I hope to bring you some understanding on using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to create a useful data warehouse. Without giving the world away, I work for a major health research facility. We have dozens of systems spread out over 100's of machine. My job....bring it all together and see if we can come up with a cure.

In house, we have Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Excel, Access, Cache, Pervasive, Mainframe and some data that I don't even know what is! I've got to pull it all together, build a model and make some sense of this. So here is where I am starting. Our data warehouse is built in Oracle 10g. Our staging and DW will reside there. We are loading the data with SQL Server Integration Services, included with our SQL 2005 installations. I know, I know...why the mismatch? Let's not go there....a good friend once told me, "..sometimes we get to make the decisions, sometimes we just get commands..."

At this point, we're a few weeks in with a few deliverables due early in the new year, and multiple phase planned. Give me a few days to catch up where we are and we'll see how this turns out....



At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

Any experience on extracting data from Pervasive DBs using SSIS? I am doing some research before jumping into a new project that has Pervasive as source for a DW. Thanks in advance....


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