Thursday, November 10, 2005

How to load Oracle with SSIS...FAST!!!!!

Here's the deal. Microsoft isn't going to build a fast loader for Oracle. Why? It's not in there best interest to do so! You bought the database to get SSIS anyway, why load something else? Makes sense for them and I can understand it. In the best of worlds, I'd move it to SQL Server anyway.

If you need to hear it for real, Donald Farmer is the Product Manager for SSIS. Catch what he says here.....

But here's the real deal...a lot of us have HUGE Oracle machine laying around, and a lot of people, myself included, leverage that because we own it. Now how do we get the data into it? SSIS, of course! But on it's own, the OLE DB destination to Oracle is just not that fast....actually it's damn slow. But there is a solution!!!!

While Microsoft isn't going to build a loader, SSIS is extensible enough that anyone with enough wit could do it. Enter Persistent....

This company has built a loader that is really just another destination. Drop it in your toolbox and you are good to go! It is like 600,000+ records in 24 seconds....from my laptop!!!!

Check them out at Ask for Sidharth...tell him Scott sent you.....


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